Let them hear you!

Global Youth Call #climateaffectschildren

The climate crisis is a child rights crisis, but all too often children and youth are excluded from having a voice. This has to change! We are collecting statements from children and youth from all over the world through the youth call #climateaffectschildren. Barnfonden will bring the voices of youth to some of the most important climate events during the year.

Climate change is a threat to children’s rights

Climate change will affect the ability of many children to access the things they have the right to expect, as citizens of the world. Like nutritious food and clean water. Like safety from fire, floods and cyclones. Climate change pushes poor families further into hardship. And we can see it leads to situations that increase violence against children. Things that currently, no one is talking about linked to the impacts of climate change, like:

  • Children being forced to work
  • Girls, being made to marry very young
  • More wars
  • Dangerous, long treks for food and water

It also has a great impact on the psychological health of children and youth – on those who are directly affected by extreme weather and those who are not. But we can change this! We can minimize the negative impact climate change has on child rights! A first step is to make the politicians and decision makers aware of the situation and let them know that we care. Learn more about how children are affected by climate change today:

Make a placard!

Send your voice to join with other child and youth voices from all over the world. Make sure people understand climate change’s flow-on effects that affect child rights and increase violence against children. Barnfonden, in Sweden, is collecting messages from young people globally, written on placards. Barnfonden will take your messages to world leaders and share them via the internet so no one will ignore you!

Bring your voice to Stockholm +50 in June 2022

In June, the UN, Swedish and Kenyan governments will host a massive global environmental meeting called Stockholm +50. This meeting will draw attention to the UN’s first environmental conference which took place in Stockholm 50 years ago, in 1972. The purpose of this year’s meeting is to help increase the pace of the transition to sustainable and green societies, more jobs and a balanced environment. For all, where no one is left behind. All too often, children and youth are left out of the conversation. But this time we are going to bring your placards, your voices, to this event – and other important climate events like this.

How to participate

You can participate by yourself or as a group in the youth call #climateaffectschildren, the only requirement is that you are 14-24 years old. You:

  1. Read the sheet about climate change (mobile version), the way it affects child rights and leads to circumstances that increase violence against children.
  2. Make a placard with a message. The message should be about climate change’s flow-on effects affecting child rights and increasing child violence.
  3. Take a picture just of the sign, lying flat.
  4. Send it to us via the registration form.

If you use another language than English or Swedish, please send us a translation of your work.

By participating in the contest, you agree for us to display a picture of your placard during different climate events during 2022 and online. You also agree for us to reproduce your placard if the quality of the picture is too bad for print. Please register your name, age and country of residence so we can credit your contribution. For safety reasons, only your first name will be used. Read more about our child protection policy (link).

The purpose is to collect statements from youth and bring them to politicians, decision makers and the public – making sure youth from all over the world are heard. We know everyone cannot attend these important events, but we can make sure your voices are heard!

A jury consisting of representatives from Malmö youth council and the Swedish youth organization Tillsammans I Förening will choose 50 placards to be displayed.

Last day to enter is April 31 and the chosen placards will be announced at the end of May.

If you have any questions, please contact sofia.jung@barnfonden.se

Good luck!